Monticello Chamber Directory Terms and Conditions

The Monticello Chamber has built the following Directory for public viewing and use. The public may at any time review the information of the Monticello Chamber Members placed in this system, to encourage and promote our Member organizations.

The use of this system to post information regarding a business or organization is restricted to current and registered Members of the Monticello Chamber. Organizations or businesses which are no longer Chamber Members will be removed.

It is the responsibility of the Chamber personnel and/or board to update and review all data, images and content that will reflect a proper image or brand of their organization and/or business listed in this system. The Monticello Chamber makes no promise or guarantee of the information contained in any listing, as it is completely up to the organization to make sure their posting is accurate.

The Monticello Chamber does not condone the use of any data, information or images that may be deemed inappropriate or illegal such as, but not limited to, content that may be considered racist, sexist, bigoted, sexual, illegal or protected by copyright laws. Any content considered to be inappropriate by the personnel and/or board of the Monticello Chamber may be removed without notice or warning.